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STEMulate Empowerment is a future-focused organization. Our vision is an America in which race and socioeconomic status are no longer barriers to success. We believe education is the best way to close racial and socioeconomic gaps, so we focus on the K-12 student.


STEM Ready Action Plan

We empower students and their families with an action plan to get STEM Ready. Our action plan sets yearly benchmarks, personalized for each student, to prepare them for a STEM major in college.

Guidance for the Next Step

High school graduates are more successful when they have a plan for their next step. Our coaches advocate for students and their families, providing resources for planning the next step after graduation.


We provide scholarships for STEM programs. Individual students, and the organizations that serve them, may apply.


STEMulate Empowerment Coaches ensure our students are STEM Ready. We encourage STEM enthusiasts to volunteer or apply for a permanent position.


A student succeeds when they have what they need. We accept donations of new and gently used electronics and STEM toys for K-12 students.

What is

STEM Ready

Our mission is to get all students STEM Ready. STEM Ready students are prepared to successfully complete a STEM major in college and/or start a STEM career.  We believe STEM, specifically computer science and engineering, should be core concepts in the K-12 curriculum.


Early exposure to STEM education


Mentors in STEM industries


Alegebra I in 8th Grade


Calculus I by 12th grade


STEM Enrichment Program

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We’ve helped over 100 students access STEM education

In just a short time, STEMulate Empowerment has subsidized the cost of quality STEM programs for over 100 students, often reducing the family’s obligation to $0. Through generous donations from businesses and individual donors, we’re helping students discover their power to change the world with science, technology, engineering and math.

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